Rezian is a wireless power transfer + data firm that develops power transfer hardware, software, and infrastructure products.

There are two primary, physical components to digital connectivity: electrons + wireless signals.  By creating technologies that harness, amplify, and distribute these components, the concept of universal and constant connectivity becomes more than some distant fantasy -- it becomes a reality.


Wireless Power transfer and Wi-Fi Amplification


As battery sizes increase, so do the power demands of smartphones.  Charging needs to be constant and integrated throughout daily life.


Strong Wi-Fi signals offer a holistic approach to decentralized connectivity, closing the gap between physical + digital connection.


Low-wattage wireless charging solutions are the foundation for building a real-time, wireless power infrastructure.

Our Mission + Drive

Access to the digital realm of reality should never be curtailed by the factors and limitations that exist within the physical realm.  Rezian envisions a world of efficiency + interconnectivity and is taking the necessary steps to bring digitization + physicality together as one, continual universe.

We believe that mobile device charging and power transmission, in general, needs to be decentralized and worked into the pure fabrics of reality.  Cables and wiring hinders humankind by tethering it to walls and grids.  In today's mobile world, why are electronics forced to remain stationary when recharging or operating? Power transfer needs to occur seamlessly, continuously, freely, and wirelessly.

What would humankind accomplish when freed from the limits of wiring + power storage?


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